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Imprimante solvant de 1,6 M haute vitesse
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Imprimante solvant de 1,6 M haute vitesse

    Détails d'emballage: Emballages en bois, taille : 2,7 millions * 0.76M * 0.71M, poids : 250 KG
    marque: Inhabilité
    Lieu d'origine: Guangdong, Chine (continent)

Informations de base

Modèle: DS-1604

Description du produit

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Print Width


Print Head

E-pson DX5/DX7

Number of Print-heads


Number of Nozzle



1440 DPI

Color Number

Double 4 Color

Print Table Width


Print Speed

2Pass: 34m2 /h

4Pass: 17m2 /h

6Pass: 12m2 /h

8Pass: 8m2/h


Aqueous / Eco-solvent ink


PhotoPrint MainTop

Control station

Windows2000, XP

Work flow

Rip and print at the same time, print after rip

Operation Environment

50hz/60hz, 220v 10A

Media type

Paper, banner ,PVC, mesh, vinyl, carper and so on

Image format

Bitmap, Tiff, Jpeg, Eps, Pdf, Cad

Media Handling

Roll to roll , sheet by sheet


 2.7M *0.76M *0.71M



Remote controller


Take up system



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High speed 1.6M solvent printer



High speed 1.6M solvent printer

High speed 1.6M solvent printer

High speed 1.6M solvent printer

High speed 1.6M solvent printer


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Wave technology and gradient feathers, YMCK KCMY special arrangement to meet the order and from remote are the same color overlap, the depth of low-Pass Road will not be printed, and the gradual emergence of microwave technology to eliminate waves PASS Road.

The Variable Sized Droplet control technology (VSDT), demand drops automatically controlled, the output image color nuanced, rich layers, three-dimensional realistic, more delicate highlights, more vivid dark, more natural transition to color, shape beautiful realistic picture perfect.


1. Power supplier safety

Attention: For safety of the operator and Printer, ground wire must be connected! The printer

should be installed by qualified maintenance technician.

A. Power supply: single-phase 220V AC /50HZ. Max power: 1000W, Print power: 100W

B. Using only the power type that the printer label identified. You can choose 110V AC or 220V AC power

supply according to your countries or regions’ applications.

C. Connecting all equipments to a properly ground outlet to avoid the use of sockets with those in the

frequent switching between on and off the device (such as: photocopiers, air-conditioning systems) in the same


D. Avoid to use of wall-board switch or autotimer controlled outlet, always turn off your printer by the power

switch which is on the right side of printer.

E. Do not use damaged or broken power wire.

F. If additional power wire has to be used, make sure the sum of amperage of other device and the additional

power device can not exceed the rated amperage of the power supply. Do remember the sum of amperage of

other devices and the additional power wire plugged into the wall can not exceed the wall outlet’s rated

amperage of power supply.

G. Keep your computer system away from electromagnetic interference source(s) such as loudspeaker or

wireless telephone. Do not try to repair printer by yourself while meet problems, seeking for help from printer

maintenance technicians in time.

2. Attentions for operating printer

A,Don’t plug off printer power supply or other related data cable before printer power supply has been turned


B,To avoid the unnecessary loss caused by behind cleaning the tools or other articles which put on the print

table or cover of printer by careless after machine running., Do not put tools or other articles on printer

table or cover.

C,Make sure the carriage has been fixed on the original place before moving printer.


3. Attentions for installation and use environment

The printer should be positioned stably and levelly, and well for ventilation, for easier plug on/off, Place

your printer close to wall outlet. Don’t exposure printer under sunlight, highlight or other heat sources to keep

a good temperature and humidity environment. Using temperature:18-30°C ; Humidity:40%-80%. For best

printing status, air conditioner and thermometer are required. Printer must far away from strong radiation

interference source.UPS and power stabilizer (power above 1500W) is suggested to adopt.


4. Attentions for Ink placement and using

Ink should be out of reach of children to prevent them touch or inhale in, washing with soap and water if ink

contact with skin; washing with fluid water immediately if ink contact with eyes; to avoid ink leakage, don’t

shaking the ink bottle; after a period (2 months) of using, ink bottle should been cleaned and dry in the air,

cleaning printer before replace new ink bottle to make sure printing quality. Store ink in a cool place and

don’t exposure under sunlight


Piezoelectric inkjet printer is a kind of photo machine is a large-format printer, inkjet printer head technology is mainly divided into two categories: piezoelectric inkjet printer and thermal foam inkjet printer, piezoelectric inkjet printer advantage is accuracyhigh, reaching more than 1440dpi, the nozzle long life, almost a year or more; drawback is grayish color, machine procurement cost is relatively high. General use Epson 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, 5th generation nozzle. 4th generation head average life expectancy of up to 1.5-2 million square feet or more. Piezo full control by E-PSON relatively large price fluctuations.



Low temperatures how to prevent the ink block the photo machine heads


Temperature decreases to a certain value, the ink off, plug the peak period will emerge. According to the crown Figure piezoelectric photo machine agents, this is because water is the main component of the ink, the ink in the process of transportation, the ink will freeze. The ink is a complex solution, the temperature of this composite solution viscosity has a great influence, so that it appears the ink at low temperatures, the viscosity of the ink increases, commonly referred to as the ink becomes fused . " The ink viscosity increase the most direct impact on the flow of the ink in the pipeline, resulting in ink off Mexico. Viscosity changes and indirect effects of the ink surface tension, the surface tension of the liquid is a liquid internal molecular attraction between the molecules of the liquid surface, when the viscosity increases when the molecules and between molecules withstand the shear force increases, so also indirectly affect the surface tension of the liquid. The ink droplets instantly leave Motou, if the tension is too large, the ink droplets on not ejected, also drop stranded in the surface of the nozzle, resulting in a non-particles clog. The other features of the complex solution at low temperatures, the solubility of the complex solution is relatively low, there is often a certain solute precipitates. If the ink precipitation, precipitation substances can also cause the ink sac, Motou plug. Appears above circumstances the most direct factor is the temperature, the temperature is too low to affect the adhesion between the ink and media. Increase the indoor temperature is of crucial importance for the stability of the ink in the printing process.

The following are a few suggestions crown Figure piezoelectric photo machine mentioning:

First, the ink storage requirements :20 ---- 25 ° C in the room, the indoor temperature. Each New ink, it is best to be stored indoors reraise to use more than 3 hours.

Second, the user use bottled ink, ink printing unstable, heating the ink handling, processing methods: the use of electric blankets wrapped heating or 60 ° C hot water to warm up for one hour or more.

Third, the strict control of the indoor temperature, humidity, indoor temperature minimum shall not be less than 18 ° C, for South users raise the temperature, but also to control the humidity in the room. Humidity will cause the screen is not easy to dry, the material easy to damp the impact of the printing effects and post-processing of the screen.

Fourth, Equipment maintenance, cleaning ink pad twice per week, the ink sac cleaned once a month, every three months a blade. The print mode is recommended to select normal speed output, reduce the high-speed mode printing.

Fifth, for those users using a pigment ink, the indoor temperature can not be lower than 20 ° C.

Temperature, humidity, not only affect the stability of the ink print, and at the same time will also affect the drying of the screen. According to the crown Figure piezoelectric photo machine agents engage in long-term output all know, if printed ink quit accumulation, halo ink, the ink on the media. The solvent system is composed of a polyhydric alcohol, a high boiling solvent in the ink composition. With the changes in the external environment, the viscosity of the ink, the tension in the smaller the change (the higher the temperature of the ink surface tension, the greater the temperature the lower the surface tension of ink. Relative humidity increases, the ink on the medium surface tension becomes large, the relative humidity decreases, the surface tension of the ink on the medium becomes small), so that the temperature and humidity changes will be breaking down the surface tension of the ink on the surface of the ink head and the penetration and diffusion on the printing medium . The medium in the ideal state where the tension of the surface tension of the ink away from the bigger, the better the effect of permeation and diffusion of the ink on the medium.

inkjet printer Inkjet half suddenly do not spray the inkjet printer more common problems, problems that may arise Photo Board, and replace. Another possibility is the problem of printing line, Phantom inkjet printer is not recommended the inferior-line, use good original line, the line can not be more than 3 m. There is also a problem that may arise is the question of the computer, this time you need to redo the system, or replace the computer can solve.

Piezoelectric inkjet printer, good operating habits can directly determine the inkjet printer life.

Daily, weekly, each boot as long as a little more carefully, to develop good habits, before each boot. Processing of the track (light bars), first in the tissues on a few drops of alcohol, wipe light bars to get rid of dust and dirty dirt, and then repeatedly wipe tissues on a few drops of oil (sewing machine oil) available several times to ensure that the light bar lubrication. This reduces the resistance to ensure that the servo motor life. Daily. Regardless of whether you spray painting should be with a tissue dipped nozzle, if it is to be in better ventilation or high ambient drying temperature dipped more times. So that the plug to ensure the smooth flow of ink.

Weekly. To clean up the grating, with a tissue to wipe the upper and lower sides of the grating, ink or other dirt can be used facial tissue dampened with water to wipe, be careful not to scrape the grating. Figure piezoelectric inkjet printer in this crown to remind some manufacturers allow customers to paper dipped in rubbing alcohol, but alcohol could corrode, things in general and water and can be erased.


Piezoelectric inkjet printer and inkjet difference in what?

Although the same as advertising printing equipment, piezoelectric inkjet printer and inkjet printers are not exactly the same, both or there is a difference.According to the piezoelectric inkjet printer agents, piezoelectric inkjet printer and inkjet printers main difference between the performance in five areas.

inkjet printer and inkjet printers are used for advertising printing, but there is a difference in some places.

1, format: large format inkjet printers are usually 3.2 meters; small format inkjet printer, typically 1.52 m.

2, the working environment: outside printing machine is mainly used in the wall of large outdoor advertising signs, outdoor printing job, the advantage is weathering resistance, which is waterproof and sun, placed outdoors for a long time will not fade discoloration. The disadvantage is the poor quality of printing; inkjet printer indoor sticker, display boards, posters, posters, rules and regulations indoor inkjet products production, printing quality is relatively high

3, Ink: Due to the the inkjet product placement environment is different, inkjet printers and inkjet printer ink used is different. Inkjet Printer ink is a solvent-based ink, there is a strong pungent odor, waterproof shine, a long period of time does not change color. The inkjet printer used is a water-based ink. No taste, not waterproof film.

4, Resolution: Inkjet hanging in a high resolution without high. Photo for indoor, must be much higher resolution. Very clear.

5, the output medium: Inkjet Printer output medium is usually inkjet cloth above the surface of the taxi paste PVC material media. inkjet printer output media photo paper adhesive PP spray chart.



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