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Relieur collage de haute précision

Relieur collage de haute précision

    Délai de livraison: 3 jours
    Détails d'emballage: Exportations d’emballage en bois, taille de paquet : 1700X730X1100mm, poids : 350 kg, haute précision, machine à relier de collage
    marque: Inhabilité
    Lieu d'origine: Guangdong, Chine (continent)

Informations de base

Modèle: DSWH-60R-C

Description du produit


High precision gluing binding machine

1, automatic design, computer detection;
2, the touch of a button to complete, quick and easy;
3, microcomputer control, lcd LCD, an independent set of keys;
4, with the detection, fault display, easy maintenance;
5, high-speed alloy cutter, make sure the end can not afford copper pages;
6, thick steel plate rack, elegant design patents;
7, straight double rail structure;
8, the use of aluminum plastic tank structure to ensure easy use black glue, double tire, with side rubber design, gum, glue on the side of more uniform, binding effect is better and more secure.

Put desks design, easy to use.
Double-side rubber tire with patented design features.
High-speed alloy sun plus a small milling cutter, ensure copperplate paper can not afford to page.
Aluminum plastic pool designed to ensure longer life is not black glue.


High precision gluing binding machine



Binding thickness


Binding length


Binding speed


Package size





white and gray

Package Type

Exports of wooden packaging

Control Systems

digital control


Paper Processing Machinery



Sol time

20 minutes






One year






High precision gluing binding machine

Wireless glue binding machine using the instructions and precautions
Wireless glue binding machine into desktop \ and floor-wireless glue binding machine, it can be divided into manual, automatic, fully automatic wireless glue binding machine. Particularly suitable file graphic shop, printing, libraries, government agencies, design institutes, enterprises and other organizations binding purposes.


High precision gluing binding machine

Wireless glue binding machine for use as follows:
Process glue binding machine encapsulated books can be divided into six steps, as follows:
1, turn on the power, the hot melt is heated 30 minutes, the start button will light after heating is completed;
2, with plastic cover and adjust the thickness of the pressure and time according to the cutter open (manual mode);
3, plastic equipment required for the paper neatly into the post stamp set this station automatic clamping device, press the start button, clamps left, after a stop in the left side milling cutter;
4, according to the instructions on the cover clamp, will cover a compromise in place, press the start button;
5, calipers from the left to the right through the cutter stopped gluing, clamping clip to lift the cover of the unit carried out with plastic;
6, plastic equipment is completed, remove it.


High precision gluing binding machine

Note the use of glue binding machine:
1, to avoid the simultaneous operation of two machines;
2, please do not replace the cutter itself, to prevent the phenomenon of paper off the glue binding process.
3, cutter for when the action starts, but as usual wishing cutter cover is open, press the emergency stop button when;
4, plastic tank heated to high temperatures, the temperature of about 170-190 ℃, can not touch;
5, maintenance in order to avoid electric shock, unplug the plug;
6, when the hot melt adhesive reaches the bottom of the black line indicates the board, shall be added;
7, when added directly into the plastic glue tank, glue not exceed the top of the black line, so as not to overflow plastic tank outside cause parts damage.


High precision gluing binding machine

Glue binding machine using common problems and solutions
One, out of the book binding, spine cover wrinkled how to do?
Solution: 1. Adjust the thickness of the cover, under normal circumstances, more than two hundred books is best to use the cover of more than 230g paper. 2 adjust the level of the platform facing surfaces, the home side platform appropriate to reduce, can be resolved. Similarly, if the spine is not binding books out side the home side the platform to increase the number can be solved.
Second, do not glue
Solution: a view plastic box of plastic is not too small, more than the minimum. 2 adjustment lever scraping gum, the gum scraping lowering the bar, increase the amount of glue, but not too large, when the glue is too large, there will be a large side glue, led directly to the side of the plastic overflow, affecting the appearance of books.
Third, the tire does not turn
Solution: a view plastic box does not turn the motor is not, to be replaced if the motor does not turn the motor. 2 viscose cause the chain to see whether the chain will not bend, such a case, replace the chain. 3 tire sleeve must be regularly refuel, make plastic axle adequately lubricated. 4 Replace the plastic when using glue to a certain extent, will be black rubber thickens, it needs to be replaced, be sure to pay attention to; try to use glue melting point of not more than 145 degrees.
Fourth, the car does not go
Solution: First, there are two check around limit sensors, detection methods, one to let the car go from left to right, in the car to the right half of the time limit sensor depressed, to see whether the car will stop, if it shows right would limit sensor no problem, let the car returned, pressing the left limit of the sensor in the return, the above, as the same thing, it shows the sensor no problem. 2 In the case of shutdown, according to the E key, boot into the first item, and then press the "cutter" button and let the car right away, when the car went head to see if there is a number from 0 on the display, if then press "paste head" key to return, when the car went to the left, the display shows the number 1, so that the sensor is no problem, or we need to replace the sensor.
Five, the car does not clamp
Solution: a first look at the lower part of the car if there is glue. If glue need to scrape gum, under normal circumstances can be solved. If not enough you need to check the car to open the trip switch and infrared sensors, if there are questions, you need to replace the sensor, if not on the need to replace the motor or the motherboard.
Six, clip surface station does not clip
Solution: First, enter the self-test program, the next turn to face the sensor detects clip, press the "paste head" key to see whether the clamping clip surface units, if the clamp on the press "Cutter" button to see if open, if you open the binding of the can. 2 If the above procedure does not work, then you need to check the motor and gear clamp surface units, if there are problems need to be replaced, otherwise the motherboard problem.
Seven, do not turn cutter
Solution: Check the fuse is burned out, the fuse next to the machine on the left side of the power cord has a black knob, open new ones insurance can, in general, the cutter motor is not bad, if does not work, then, is the problem the motherboard or SCR.
Eight, plastic boxes without heating or the temperature is too high
Solution: First check whether heating pipes or heating plate is heated, not heated thread must first check whether there are oxidized and, if please clean up. Check the temperature is too high a temperature controller, see the thread is loose, as loose the thread re-insert it, otherwise they need for a temperature controller.
Nine, slotting cutter too deep or too shallow
The solution: push the car to the right, then the next lock is loose on the set of the platform below the four screws, such as deep aboard a low profile milling, contrary to the high profile. (Must bring four corners transferred to a parallel line, otherwise there will be a deep one shallow)


High precision gluing binding machine

Glue binding machine binding document and is generally used to make, especially for graphics production center, library, studio, small printing companies, design institutes, research institutes, publishing centers, government agencies, large corporations and other institutions.


High precision gluing binding machine

Wireless glue binding machine features:
1, wireless glue binding machine is LCD, automatic control, fault tips humanization design, simple operation, easy to learn;
2, clamp surface institution (patented technology) spiral link mechanism, so that the binding is stable and reliable, durable;
3, the sun knives, slotting knife and other major components imported materials to ensure stable machine performance, extend the useful life;
4, the overall chassis installed wireless plastic surface structure of the open position, so pick up the book, set surface is extremely convenient, look decent and generous fashion.
5, the new home this station (patented technology), the opening position of any stop, easy finishing the book block, easy to use and effort.


High precision gluing binding machine

Automatic wireless glue binding machine parts Features Details
1, color touch panel
In order to allow anyone to operate, so use the diagram type color touch panel. Settings from a variety of actions to micro adjustments can be made almost color touch panel to operate.
2, plate holder Ministry
In accordance with the thickness of the book block, manually adjustable bookend bookend clamping width to ensure rapid production of the book block.
3, Set List Department
Binding books completed just piled into the operator's feet, piled into the position and the position of the same page, it can be easily checked with plastic finished quality.
4, air-suction rotary feed
HORIZON using a special air-suction rotary feed method, so on a variety of paper to paper thickness can be stable. Such feed method will not cause the cover scratches.
Title accurate positioning in the spine, due to the production of professional-quality books cover indentation
5, cover transportation department
The direction of the way the world feed use, can cover the side of a line side input processing. Because the cover sheet contained the largest amount of up to 70 mm. Therefore, the efficiency can be achieved more with less.
6, pressure line processing department
Because of the pressure to adjust the pressure line, either thick or put anti-paper grain direction cover, can really complete press line origami processing.
7, Glue binding machine cover position
With high-precision manufacturing volumes, because the use of the feed belt stable shipping methods, and really grasp the position precision structures.
Can book corner, sturdy complete; large glue binding machine comparable to high-quality plastic equipment
8, cutter Department
Using the same level with the large glue binding machine cutter, can indeed slashing 50 mm thick books book back. Cutters cutting depth can be adjusted freely 0-3 mm.
9, glue the groove
Two glue rollers and let the glue applicator side tire more evenly. The amount of glue color touch panel to be set.
10, Cover plywood Department
Mechanical cover plywood, glue binding machine comparable to large, high-quality plastic equipment. Adjustments are likely to correspond to the inside pages, such as to choose a pressure line processing system copies the page, there are milling processing system inside the cover of plywood register or adjust the height so parts


High precision gluing binding machine

Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching a book cover to the resulting text-block. Before the computer age, the bookbinding trade involved two divisions. First, there is stationery or vellum binding which deals with making new books intended to be written into, such as accounting ledgers, business journals, and guest log books, along with other general office stationery such as note books, manifold books, portfolios, and etc. Second is letterpress binding which deals with making new books intended to be read from and includes fine binding, library binding, edition binding, and publisher's bindings.A result of the new bindings is a third division dealing with the repair, restoration, and conservation of old used bindings. With the digital age, personal computers have replaced the pen and paper based accounting that used to drive most of the work in stationery binding. Today, modern bookbinding is divided between hand binding by individual craftsmen versus mass-produced bindings by high speed machines in a bindery factory.


High precision gluing binding machine

Methods of hardcover binding
There are a number of methods used to bind hardcover books, from them:
Case binding is the most common type of hardcover binding for books. The pages are arranged in signatures and glued together into a "textblock." The textblock is then attached to the cover or "case" which is made of cardboard covered with paper, cloth, vinyl or leather. This is also known as cloth binding, or edition binding.
Oversewing, where the signatures of the book start off as loose pages which are then clamped together. Small vertical holes are punched through the far left-hand edge of each signature, and then the signatures are sewn together with lock-stitches to form the text block. Oversewing is a very strong method of binding and can be done on books up to five inches thick. However, the margins of oversewn books are reduced and the pages will not lie flat when opened.


High precision gluing binding machine

Sewing through the fold (also called Smyth Sewing), where the signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold. The signatures are then sewn and glued together at the spine to form a text block. In contrast to oversewing, through-the-fold books have wide margins and can open completely flat. Many varieties of sewing stitches exist, from basic links to the often used Kettle Stitch. While Western books are generally sewn through punched holes or sawed notches along the fold, some Asian bindings, such as the Retchoso or Butterfly Stitch of Japan, use small slits instead of punched holes.


Double-fan adhesive binding starts off with two signatures of loose pages, which are run over a roller—"fanning" the pages—to apply a thin layer of glue to each page edge. Then the two signatures are perfectly aligned to form a text block, and glue edges of the text block are attached to a piece of cloth lining to form the spine. Double-fan adhesive bound books can open completely flat and have a wide margin. However, certain types of paper do not hold adhesive well, and, with wear and tear, the pages can come loose.


High precision gluing binding machine

Thermally activated binding
Some of the different types of thermally activated binding include:
Perfect binding is often used, and gives a result similar to paperback books. National Geographic is one example of this type. Paperback or soft cover books are also normally bound using perfect binding. They usually consist of various sections with a cover made from heavier paper, glued together at the spine with a strong glue. The sections are milled in the back and notches are applied into the spine to allow hot glue to penetrate into the spine of the book. The other three sides are then face trimmed. This is what allows the magazine or paperback book to be opened. Mass market paperbacks (pulp paperbacks) are small (16mo size), cheaply made with each sheet fully cut and glued at the spine; these are likely to fall apart or lose sheets after much handling or several years. Trade paperbacks are more sturdily made, with traditional gatherings or sections of bifolios, usually larger, and more expensive. The difference between the two can usually easily be seen by looking for the sections in the top or bottom sides of the book.


High precision gluing binding machine

Thermal binding uses a one piece cover with glue down the spine to quickly and easily bind documents without the need for punching. Individuals usually purchase "thermal covers" or "therm-a-bind covers" which are usually made to fit a standard size sheet of paper and come with a glue channel down the spine. The paper is placed in the cover, heated in a machine (basically a griddle), and when the glue cools, it adheres the paper to the spine. Thermal glue strips can also be purchased separately for individuals that wish to use customized/original covers. However, creating documents using thermal binding glue strips can be a tedious process which requires a scoring device and a large format printer.


High precision gluing binding machine

A cardboard article looks like a hardbound book at first sight, but it is really a paperback with hard covers. Many books that are sold as hardcover are actually of this type. The Modern Library series is an example. This type of document is usually bound with thermal adhesive glue using a perfect binding machine.
Tape binding refers to a system that wraps and glues a piece of tape around the base of the document. A tape binding machine such as the Powis Parker Fastback or Standard Accubind system will usually be used to complete the binding process and to activate the thermal adhesive on the glue strip. However, some users also refer to Tape Binding as the process of adding a colored tape to the edge of a mechanically fastened (stapled or stitched) document.


High precision gluing binding machine

Unibind is a variety of thermal binding that uses a special steel channel with resin rather than glue inside of it to give it a more sturdy bind to hold the pages in place. Unibind can be used to bind soft covered documents with a look that is similar to perfect binding. It can also be used for binding hardcover books and photo books. Like Thermal Binding, unibind usually requires you to purchase a one piece coverset to bind your documents. However, Unibind also offers SteelBack spines that allow you to use your own covers in the binding process. The majority of Unibinds covers can be printed on as well to give documents a unique finish. (Unibind is also the name of an International binding company)




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